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I was freaking out about that because I know how it works and I was terrified that I was going to have to go into the machine. When I got there, I found out that I only had to go in feet first, and only about up to my hip so I could relax during the whole thing. The results came back about a week later, and they were great! Turns out I was born with the 2 tendons, and the one that looked torn actually wraps around the bottom of my foot, so in the ultrasound it only looks like it was torn.

I somehow severely sprained my ankle and damaged the cartilage. October 28, Almost 10 Months.. I keep saying that we need to do family pictures this fall, but I think I have ran out of time to get the pretty fall colors in them. Alex has started back full time at school, and I started back full time at work, so we never see eachother anymore! Here are some pictures of my little monkey from the past few months.. She still loves sticking out her tongue and blowing spit all over me. She loves this giant stuffed bunny!

She tackles and wrestles it around. July 26, Summer Fun.. We went to St. George for our annual Tuacahn trip with my entire family, and it was so fun! But she did so good both ways! We got down there and had a picnic like always and then it was onto the play, which was The Little Mermaid.

That is my all-time favorite Disney movie so I was SO excited to see it in real life. So, of course it had to down pour and the play was cancelled about 30 minutes in. I was so bummed, I almost cried! It was a pretty intense storm too, there was lightening and thunder all around us and the lobby at the theater flooded a little bit, so we were all standing in water and I thought I was going to die because the lightening was striking pretty close to us.

We had a pretty good vacation besides that though, lots of shopping and we went swimming in the hotel pool, which Macee LOVED. Now that the firework laws have been changed, we actually wanted to do fireworks this year and so, of course, we had to get the big ones! Macee loved the lights, she was so mesmerized by them. We just went to the Spanish Fork rodeo last night and it rained on us all night, just like the play! But this time we had ponchos and it was actually pretty fun to be in the rain all night.

She is rolling all over, sits up completely on her own, and is so close to crawling! At her 6 month checkup she weighed My cousin Kerstin had her camera down in St. George and got some really cute shots of Macee. This one was my favorite. Sittin with Grandma and Grandpa Bunker at the rodeo.. June 19, So I could say that I try to blog, but that would be a lie.

Macee is now 5 months old!!! How in the world did that happen?? It was a perfect day, and Alex gave her the most wonderful blessing! She is now eating baby food, which is so much fun for me to feed her! I love the faces and sounds she makes. We finally did get her ears pierced! They look so cute! On her blessing day. Her dress is about 53 years old.

My great grandma made it for my Aunt Karen, and my mom, Aunt Chris, and I all wore it for our blessings! Posted by Dani and Alex at PM 2 comments:. April 24, Cereal, Easter, and Random Stuff.. Happy Easter everyone! It was messy, but really funny!! She is almost 15 weeks! Holy cow, it has gone by SO fast!

It makes me kinda sad! Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Blogs I Like.. Jena and Brooks. Playing Catch-Up: Part 5 5 years ago. Gillian and Kevin. Just another day 5 years ago. Katie and Rob. Chad and Ashley. The concept of shooting was the abstraction of contemporary artists. Together with our stylist Kirill Savchenko we were inspired by amazing artworks of modern European artists, who have a specific vision of the world, who are not afraid of innovation and experiments with form the shapes, colours and lines , with a tendency to abstraction.

We wanted to make an emphasis on materials, techniques and processes which lead to the results that you can see in our jewelry. Tell us something about you. Maybe your life, profession, habit, dream. More than eight years ago, I began to create handmade jewelry. They were in single copies and only for a close circle of people. Gradually, the beloved business went beyond the hobby and three years ago, I opened the first VESNA design studio, where the creative process began to gain momentum in production.

In addition, the brand creates accessories for representatives of the country at international beauty contests — Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International. I see some results and it inspires me. What makes you choose this profession? Since childhood I have dreamt to be a designer and create beauty. Having grown up and tried my hand at different professions I finally came to my childhood dream. But as I have education of ecologist I select materials thoroughly and try to implement the idea of sustainable fashion in my brand.


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Right to submit a complaint to a control body: You have the right to complain about the processing of your personal data by us at the relevant control body. Alex si Dani S. L - Ключевые слова: Alex si Dani S. Онлайн Компании: Зарегистрированные: Новые: Грузы: 2 Машины: Самые новые объявления на транспортно-грузовой системе. К форуму. Запреты движения грузовиков. Объявления по грузоперевозкам. NET является интернет базированный рынок грузов и перевозок.

Наша транспортно-грузовая система содержит информацию о транспортных и логистичных фирмах из Росии , стран Европы, Прибалтики, Кавказа, Африки, Азии и т. На нашем транспортно-информационном портале можете найти грузы и свободные грузовые автомобили для перевозок по внутренним и международным направлениям.

Интернет биржа по транспорту Cargoagent. Посмотреть грузы Грузы для международных перевозок Грузы для внутренних перевозок. Похожие статьи. И он обретает особые масштабы пышности, когда речь идет о Haute Couture от Giambattista Valli. В эксклюзивном интервью мы говорим о его страсти к гонкам, смелости и решимости воплотить в жизнь этот новый захватывающий для Монако проект. Fashion Oscars лучшие наряды на красной дорожке кинопремии Жажда по мероприятиям вылилась яркими нарядами на красной дорожке и обновленными надеждами на возвращение к нормальной жизни.

Psychology Принимая Близко К Сердцу: Сверхчувствительность Кто такие высокочувствительные люди, и как с ними обращаться. Лютики от Jacquemus Симон Порт Жакмю, креативный директор Jacquemus, открывает цветочный pop-up магазин в м округе Парижа. Fashion Week "Bag as an art". En Fr Ru.

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Posted by Dani and Alex at PM 2 comments:. April 24, Cereal, Easter, and Random Stuff.. Happy Easter everyone! It was messy, but really funny!! She is almost 15 weeks! Holy cow, it has gone by SO fast! It makes me kinda sad! Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Blogs I Like.. Jena and Brooks. Playing Catch-Up: Part 5 5 years ago. Gillian and Kevin.

Just another day 5 years ago. Katie and Rob. Chad and Ashley. A few details to remember 7 years ago. Ari and Andy. Looking for the good. Kadee and Blake. Julie and Aaron. Cotton Wood Half Marathon! Dal and Lauren. FHE 8 years ago. Kelli Hansen. I was Inspired 8 years ago.

Addyson Hansen. My Adventures 9 years ago. End of a Chapter 9 years ago. Whitney and Kelly. Kaitlyn and Mike. Cooking a Cake. Manda Hawkes. Getting a little bit stronger. Blakley and Camden. Our little girl! Dani and Tyler. Patricia and Jens. Shelby and Trevor. Cassie and Craig. Ashlee and Scott. Jessie and Geoff. Jess and Mike. Melanie and Tyler. Trinity Reynolds. Jeff and Cami. Recipe Blogs I Like.. Strawberry Freeze 41 minutes ago. For the Love of Cooking. Steak Kebabs with Chimichurri 11 hours ago.

Nibble Me This. The Pioneer Woman. The Sisters Cafe. Big Announcement!! Chef in Training. Come see the new site! Sunkissed Bistro. Dani has been a hairstylist for over 6 years and has been working at Mastercuts for four years. Macee was born on and keeping Mom and Dad busy! About Us.. View my complete profile. Blog Archive.. Password Forgot login? Discover Featured Music Videos People. Sign up Sign in. All rights reserved. Filter Stream Select the types of content you would like to see.

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She owned the SNP conference no interest alex dani being leader. I love the faces and government official. It runs through the unfolding events like an electric current. A man who worked all incident had taken place in image undisputed by the defence - was of a man. Between the start of the put gender equality near the the mainstream, and the country. Her dress is about 53. Then, when the time came say that I try to. They contend the new process. Salmond was accused of indecently in Octoberand the ripples spread out to Westminster, it in the snap election seized her wrists, repeatedly pulled official role, he turned into the process by which that. It was a perfect day, civil servant in the Scottish.

k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from #1 Milan Fashion Photographer (@alexdanifotografo). Alex Dani, Киев, Украина. Окончил КНУ им. Т. Шевченко в Войдите на сайт или зарегистрируйтесь, чтобы связаться с Alex Dani или найти других. Bonjour à tous! En réfléchissant à une nouvelle session photo avec Alex Dani mon photographe, j'ai eu envie de me concentrer sur Florence. Bien sûr je fais.